In this article, I will describe how Stacks, Clarity, and Chainlink work together on security.

If you run a restaurant, coffee shop or food truck and would like to stand out from the competition by accepting payments, accepting cryptocurrencies may be a good idea!

I have the application and Juventus tokens. I have been testing this project for several days and I must admit that I got involved and I like it very much!

In this article I will describe what Freehold is. You may be wondering why, I just chose this topic for the article?

I took part in the unique because the first virtual cryptocurrency conference...

One of the schools I graduated from was an economics school. I chose this direction because I am interested not only in new technologies such as blockchain but also in finance. What if you put them together? Then there will be Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

I continue my story about my adventure with cryptocurrencies.
This is the second part. I encourage you to read.


I believe that in the future Blockstack/Stacks may create a new internet that we do not know yet.

I am interested in IT and all the news in this topic has always interested me. In addition, I also have experience in the subject of finance. When I heard about Bitcoin, I immediately became interested in it.