If you run a restaurant, coffee shop or food truck and would like to stand out from the competition by accepting payments, accepting cryptocurrencies may be a good idea!


Payments with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in the catering industry are becoming more and more popular, but it is still a very small percentage.
Here, I would see a certain chance to earn extra points among customers who would like to pay with cryptocurrencies.


I have been accepting cryptocurrency payments in my company OpenArt Studio for several years, including for over a year through the Lightning Network. I have my own Node LN.


The terminal resembles a standard POS, where product icons with a description, price and a cash register module are displayed. Additional options can be set, such as: Change the price, Add a discount or Give a tip.


You can choose to pay by standard Bitcoin or via the Lightning Network.

There are quite a few possibilities of POS configuration.




For the purpose of launching such payments in the company, I used the services offered by BTCPay Server and Microsoft Azure.


This ensures the continuity of POS operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The cost of maintaining such a server is about PLN 20 per month.


There are many more solutions on how to accept payments in cryptocurrencies in the company, and the one described above is just one of them.



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