I am interested in IT and all the news in this topic has always interested me. In addition, I also have experience in the subject of finance. When I heard about Bitcoin, I immediately became interested in it.


It started in 2012

It was at the end of 2012, at a time when you could still mine Bitcoin on your home computer.

Somehow I did not buy BTC on exchanges - rather, I was digging it on the computer and collecting it from various sites that gave it for free. Occasionally, BTC was distributed on the website www.satoshi.pl.

I also remember this interview on TV:



After a few months, I collected some Bitcoins and you can say that I forgot about them for a while.

When the rate started to grow dynamically, I decided to come back to the topic and check how much my little savings are worth.

It turned out that their value increased 10 times.
WOW i thought - amazing!

So I started looking for what I could buy with my BTC.


My first Bitcoin purchases in 2013


It so happened that one of the companies with a website with domains in Poland began to accept BTC for its services.

It is possible that they were among the first in our country.

So I made my first purchases for BTC paying for the maintenance of the domain with them.

It was at the end of November 2013.


DayTrading on Bitcoin


At the beginning, I was interested in Bitcoin as a technology.

With time, when I saw how much his rate can increase - even 10 times I started to think about him in terms of speculation.

In March 2014, I just started trading BTC on the stock exchange. It was on Bitmarket.pl without any preparation - like this.

It consisted in the fact that I started to observe what offers in the subscription are displayed and, of course, how to buy cheap and sell expensive.

After a while, I got some practice and was able to make some profitable trades throughout the day.


It was simple because the trend was upward so it had to be successful. There were some repetitive patterns, and that was what I used.

Today it can be called DayTrading. I also thought about charts. I installed the Mt4 trading platform for the BTC-e exchange.

I got acquainted with the platform and trained a little.


It became tiresome and time-consuming for me. The profits were too small and it was not worth wasting time on it.

It would be different if I had a lot of capital but I didn't have one then.

Meanwhile, I also tried to trade on the Bitcurex exchange. However, I got discouraged.

Trading Bots


Of course, I read a lot on the Internet about Bitcoin, especially on the website www.forum.bitcoin.pl. There I started learning about slot machines and arbitration.

Slots were something that interested me very much. That's what I meant - you didn't have to spend time in person. Anything a robot would do - trade for me!

You could buy the robot online and connect it to the BTC-e exchange. Ultimately I didn't buy this robot.

I also wrote on the forum with one programmer who was preparing his robot. He was supposed to make it available for sale, but he did not.

My adventure with robots is over.


What's next?

In the next part I will write, among others on Bitcoin arbitration.

I will also mention my accountant, who was a bit surprised when I gave him the documents for Bitcoin settlement.


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