I am interested in many cryptocurrency projects. In this article, I would like to share with you three of them.


1. Copernic


It is a project aimed at caring for our planet by generating energy from the sun. The Copernic project implements its assumptions thanks to photovoltaic farms and the production of green energy.

An innovation is the use of blockchain technology to sell shares in photovoltaic farms to supporters of this type of renewable energy.

Thanks to this, people like me who cannot have their panels on the roof of the house can join the idea of green energy.

The purchase of a photovoltaic panel element is very simple because in the form of a token called COP (Copernic) where 1 COP is with a production capacity of 1W in a given farm and will produce us energy for 25 years.

Generation of energy is also represented thanks to blockchain because it is a derivative token called CKWH which is a stablecoin up to 1 kWh. 1 Watt of power (COP token) produces approx. 1 kWh of electricity per year, i.e. 1 CKWH token is created by staking the COP token for 1 year.


The obtained unit of energy in the form of a CKWH token, we can:

- exchange for FIAT money,

- trade it on the stock exchange,

- to store in anticipation of an increase in energy prices

- pay the electricity bill to the company that accepts it.


It is predicted that energy prices will increase in the future, and thus also in terms of investment, we should not lose by engaging in this project. We combine business with pleasure.




2. KANGA - crypto assets and tokens exchange


The second project that I will present is Kanga Exchange with its KNG token.

I have been using this exchange since its inception a few years ago. During this time, I have watched the stock market develop dynamically and it still does. He reliably implements the assumed plan. This is what they promised they will do as it actually happens. That is why the stock exchange and the team that runs it gained my trust and attention.

Kanga Exchange stands out from other exchanges in that it also lists crypto assets such as diamonds, electricity units, company and enterprise share tokens as well as personal tokens. Real estate tokens and much more are expected soon. I believe that Kanga Exchange has a chance to become a world leader in crypto assets over time.

Kanga Exchange is more than an exchange. It is also a network of several hundred stationary exchange offices for exchanging cryptocurrencies and a useful and convenient Kanga Wallet mobile application.

kn pos

I would also like to mention the KNG token of the Kanga Exchange. It is a token in which all commissions are settled on the exchange and outside it, e.g. in stationary exchange offices. Thanks to the Proof of Stake option, the KNG token can be staked and received a share of the exchange's profits every day. Then, the next day, we can continue to pay our earnings to the PoS account and earn interest on interest. This is where the magic of compound interest works where we get rich faster and faster.

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies, crypto assets and tokens increases, the turnover on the exchange will increase, and hence the exchange's commission profits. Our PoS token staking award will also increase.

I see a great potential in the Kanga Exchange and I appreciate their idea of ​​doing something more than just the cryptocurrency exchange itself, but also crypto assets and the fact that they share profits in the form of Proof of Stake of their KNG token.

send btc

New from Kanga Exchange is that you can send Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to your email address within the stock exchange ecosystem. Isn't that great! Imagine that you want to send a Bitcoin to your friend and you don't know what his BTC address is, but you know the e-mail address  Shipping is instant with minimal commission costs. Interestingly, he does not even have to have an account on the Kanga Exchange because within 24 hours of shipping he will be able to open and collect his cryptocurrencies. If he doesn't, they will come back to you.

Great thing for me! And this is not the last news from Kanga Exchange. I look forward to seeing more useful options and solutions!


3. Mosaico - we tokenize the world!


The third project is the Mosaico project which helps many people and entrepreneurs to make their dreams come true. It gives them the tools to tokenize the world. That is why I liked this project and it was included in the group of those presented in this article.

Mosaico is crowdfunding on blockchain. This is equity crowdfunding 3.0, i.e. it is a development of the already popular equity crowdfunding, ensuring digital ownership of securities, which are company shares. Additionally, it allows you to liquidate invested capital on the stock exchange.

The advantages of Mosaico are that it greatly facilitates and reduces the cost of raising capital thanks to blockchain tokenization. A distributed ledger ensures that you are never deprived of your digital ownership.

In addition, tokenization allows for quick and easy collection and liquidation of capital. Tokens are listed on the international crypto asset exchange! The secondary market provides investors with the ability to trade assets easily.

Imagine you want to tokenize a property, company stock, picture or even a tree! With Mosaico it is possible. We are only limited by our imagination. The possibilities are endless!

One of the most interesting projects currently being run by Mosaico is Green Power Plant, i.e. tokenization of heat and power plants. Of course, there are many more projects. I believe that this is the future of modern crowdfunding, but not only that.


Also, dematerialisation of shares seems to be an interesting application. If company shares must be dematerialized, i.e. in a digital form, it is up to you whether you choose Excel or a blockchain token. Tokenization allows you to send digital securities, sell and liquidate them on the stock exchange without the risk of copying them or falsifying them. Therefore, it will be worth tokenizing your company's shares by choosing, for example, the services of a project such as Mosaico.



I have introduced you to three of the many cryptocurrency projects I'm interested in.

I hope you liked them as well and found something for yourself or it inspired you to something new and exciting!


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