The wallet supports simple ENS addresses, does not require SEED and is Dapps and DeFi friendly.

The big advantage of this wallet is that when you set it up, you get a simple Ethereum wallet address - i.e. the ENS domain. I chose the address

Security is also a strong point of this wallet!
Argent is a wallet controlled only by you - you are the only one who has access to your funds. The correctness of SmartContractu remains a risk, as always with this type of new solutions.

Of course, the wallet supports ERC-20 tokens, where you can easily exchange them with each other. You can also use decentralized finance (DeFi) by placing e.g. a DAI stablecoin on a deposit.

Creating a wallet takes even several days because we are added to the queue. I waited about 5 days. If we have a Golden Ticket from a friend, we can skip the waiting queue and immediately join the lucky users of the Argent wallet.

The Argent Wallet will also be helpful if you want to participate in the famous PoolTogether lottery.




In this article, I am not encouraging anyone to invest and I am not recommending anything. I only share my experiences and my opinion.


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