Haven't you thought that it would be ideal to play LOTTO and if you don't win, your coupon is still valid? In addition, you can still participate in the next draw! With the PoolTogether lottery it is possible!

I have been testing this lottery for several months and every evening I can take part in a prize draw based on a coupon that I bought once at the very beginning. As for me, the perfect solution! Project website here: pooltogether.com

In traditional lotteries, many people buy tickets or coupons. The money collected in this way goes to the lottery organizer, who will select the winner of the prize in a draw. One person will win a very large amount of money while the others will lose their money spent on coupons. If someone plays very often, he may lose quite a lot of money to buy many tickets and win nothing.

How does PoolTogerter work?

Watch the video:



In this article, I am not encouraging anyone to invest and I am not recommending anything. I only share my experiences and my opinion.


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